La Pavoni Europiccola reassembly problem after changing gaskets

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First off, I'm sorry if I use the wrong words for things. I'm pretty amateur when it comes to espresso. I recently replaced the gaskets in my pre-mil LaPavoni Europiccola. It had been quite a few years and it really needed it. After replacing the gaskets and reassembling it nut on the top of the machine no longer goes all the way down to the top of the group head and the shots are all short. It seems like there is a lot of water left in the group head after pulling the shot based on the amount of drippings I get after the shot is pulled.

I took it back apart, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I did wrong. There simply isn't that much TO mess up. The arm hits the top of the group head instead of the nut stopping it.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know what I may have messed up when putting it back together? Here is a picture of what I'm talking about.


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Total shot on the dark, but from the picture it looks like maybe the rotation of the lever fork might matter.
Flip it around and perhaps it will sit a little lower (notice the placement of the pins).

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Gah! Brilliant observation. I didn't notice the holes were not set in the center at all. I bet that is it.

I just needed another set of eyes on it!

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I flipped the lever back over and what do you know. It works just like it is supposed to.

Thanks for being observant!


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I love the look of your machine!

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The majority I've seen are mostly chrome. Mine is definitely unique on that front. I have wondered what it looked like when it as manufactured. Right now it just looks like a well used antique.


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You've already fixed it, so good going! :-) Just in case, let me point out that the lever is correctly positioned when the centre pin is closer to the bottom of the fork, and upside down if it's closer to the top. -- This will help anyone who ever has to remove the lever for any reason.