La Pavoni Europiccola pre-mil - drill upper fitting for new sight glass

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#1: Post by bobsy »

Hi folks,

Needed to rebuild my '78 EP from the ground up. I ordered a new sight glass kit from espressocare but, as instructed on their website, for certain older machines (mine included of course) you need to drill the opening larger so the new sight glass can fit.

What drill bit size do I need to drill? Anyone done that? Any tips?


#2: Post by bpappas »

Hi, Bob, this is easy to do with a hand drill and drill bit. You need to enlarge the hole just a bit for the sight glass to slide through. Easiest way to figure the size of the bit would be to measure the outside of the sight glass (best if you have a micrometer). I think I just compared the sight glass to the bit set that I had. If you need me to, I'll measure the bit you need.