La Pavoni Europiccola pouring out steam

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Hey everyone!

New here, and a bit of a beginner, but I love great coffee!

I've had my europiccola (millennium) for about a year now and recently I've had trouble with getting it to build up pressure. Up until now, when the steam first starts producing steam, a small amount of steam has come out of the small valve (I don't know what it's called) beside the steam wand. Only a little steam would come out before suddenly stopping, and then pressure would build up as normal and it would make beautiful espresso. Recently however, the 'sudden stop' in steam has ceased, and the machine continues to pour out steam, and the pressure obviously never climbs.

Everthing external seems good and tight, does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks so much,


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Hi Cade,
From what you describe the vacuum release valve inside the overpressure valve (the small valve in front of the steam wand) isn't closing properly.
Taking it apart (watch out for flying springs and bits) and cleaning it should do the trick. I'm sure there are some images on this site (or elswhere) showing what the valve should look like (a d how it is assembled)


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Found one image in the following thread;
Building the Ultimate La Pavoni Europiccola
Somewhere halfway down the page there are a few close ups of the valve assembly. Most likely the black rubber ring on the small brass nipple is worn. This part should close off the overpressure valve when the vacuum is released (read, enough pressure has been built)


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Before taking it apart though try and give the thing a good tap with a wooden spoon or something. This usually helps. Tap the nut in the middle of the valve.

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This was my thought. Scale can build up and cause the valve to be stuck in the open position. A gentle rap with a wooden spoon can correct this without addressing a tiny bit of scale.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!