La Pavoni Europiccola not boiling after pressure valve tap

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My Europiccola is broken!

The pstat wouldn't stop boiling this morning, and the pressure valve wouldn't stop letting steam out. I tapped the pressure valve and it seemed to "work" in that steam stopped and boiler stopped a little bit after. But since then the boiler just won't switch on. I've now allowed it to cool down... and switching the machine on I get no green light.

Millennium machine, a couple months old.


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No green light as in no power to the unit?

If it is still under warranty then I would just call the folks you purchased it from to get a replacement. If not then start with
- do you use filtered water? scale issues from using hard water can create rough edges on the pressure relief ball not allowing it to seat correctly. Take off that part and have a look (size 17 or 19 wrench I think )
- pstat might be stuck open which would not allow the heating element to turn on. This might be your power issue. Remove the baseplate and bypass the pstat . This requires some wiring work so if your not comfortable, just send it back. If the heating element turns once bypassed on then all you need is a new pstat

martinlhoff (original poster)

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Also posted on FB Europiccola group. Good advise there. It was just the fuse. I did open the bottom fully, looks clean and tidy. Didn't disassemble anything. The boiler looks pretty clean inside so I didn't descale.

Refilled with water, switched it on and it's almost ready for a road test right now.


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great news it was only a fuse.