La Pavoni Europiccola Millennium, converting 220v to 110v - Continued

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A couple of years ago I started this thread that no longer can be updated:

La Pavoni Europiccola Millennium, converting 220v to 110v

I finally got around to it. I ordered a 110v element on ebay, which had the best price. While the item location was listed as Bulgaria, it arrived in a few days and looking at the tracking history ot seems to have been shipped from the US... go figure..

I ordered this thermal paste for the thermostat. The machine is from 2001... and what ever was there has long separated anyway. ... asin_title

As for sealing the pressurestate pipe, it was fine without any sealant nor Teflon tape.
It was a bit hard to remove the pressurestat pipe from the old element but I used high grade elbow grease until it gave.
I wasn't able to get the same alignment as before but i think its good enough, the copper pipe is a little flexible still, so I was able close close everything well.
I changed the element seal as well, as it was old and they do tend to wear after a few years.

While I was at it, since I lost the torx screw that held the base, i decided I had enough of it and instead I used a wood screw long enough to go through the base and later cut off the tip (with a dremel a.k.a. DIY Jedi lightsaber)

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Change the screw out to stainless steel to minimize rust in the future.