La Pavoni Europiccola - leaks from top of 'neck' when pulling

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#1: Post by martinlhoff »

The join between the group head and the boiler opens up slightly and leaks (there's little bubbles) when I am pulling the lever hard for a a shot. Typically my other hand is holding the boiler cap.

Is this normal? I've read notes about pulling too hard on a 'choked' shot and breaking the lever, I am not weak, but far from breaking the lever, and the shot isn't choked, it typically gets 10s preinfusion and about 20s solid firm pull.

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#2: Post by ziptie »

It may be time to replace the O-ring and/or tighten the two GH bolts.

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#3: Post by homeburrero »

Be cautious about trying to fix this by tightening the group bolts. The boiler flange is brass and the stock bolts may be a little shorter than optimal. You certainly don't want to damage those flange threads with overtightening. If you snug them up (~~ 7 ft*lb of torque on lightly lubricated threads) and it still leaks, replace that o-ring before trying to fix it by going tighter.

An easy way to train your arm about when a pull is too hard is to put the machine on a bathroom scale, with something behind the base to prevent it all from slipping backwards, then zero the scale and try some pulls on a tight shot. Anything over roughly 30 lbs on the scale is pulling harder than you need.
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