La Pavoni Europiccola last part of the shot bitter

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I have a La Pavoni for many years now and I have gotten to a point where I'm getting consistently very good shots from it (I'm using grouphead thermometer among other things). One thing that bothers me though is the layering of the shots: essentially the way I drink it (and regardless of whether the coffee is still hot or a bit colder): the top part is always fantastic, the mid part fine but the bottom part always bitter. Does this make sense and how can it be explained? cheers!

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Hi, are the cups that you use by any chance relatively tall and narrow?
This can cause the espresso not to mix well while drinking it and you get flavour separation.
See also Are cup size and shape too often everlooked factors?
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Amazing, never thought of that as a factor but I totally agree with the arguments posted in that thread: the cup makes a big difference. Thanks for sharing!

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That's why I always stir my espresso, before drinking it.

What I am wondering about your post is why the last sip is bitter.
Bitter comes at the end of the extraction and should, imo, be the first you taste.
Have you tried changing cups every, lets say, 10 grams, while pulling an espresso?
In that way you can taste all different flavors that are extracted.


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Hi Guido and thanks for your reply. I'm also wondering which part of the extraction I'm tasting at the end of the cup and I'm not sure. I will try what you're suggesting with the 3 cups and see what that gives me.