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I thought I'd throw a trio of shot routines' pictures up here.

Since my post above of a few years ago, I very rarely use a single basket.

I weigh my coffee grounds before loading the PF.

I pull the shot when the group temp is 73-83 C measured with a digital thermometer, thermocouple taped and wrapped against the chromed bell, the boiler at full pressure (I've never fine tuned boiler pressure). The sweet spot for many coffees is 77C but one is always trying variations in this espresso craze.

I generally time the shot and stop the extraction after no more than 30 seconds from initial downward pressure on the lever, even if I see a nice appearance of the flow from the bottomless portafilter.

and sometimes I weigh the shot afterwards:

In this case 13.5 grams in 28 seconds 11.5 grams out. Definitely ristretto. It was this afternoon's Hairbender in an iced latte. (milk steamed, chilled and then added with ice to the shot to fill the Duralex 6 oz cortado glass.) She said she liked it quite well.
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