La Pavoni Europiccola - Change chrome to copper - Info on surface finish.

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#1: Post by saborcafe »

Hello guys, I am new to the site but have been searching the forums for many years.

I have a few "Chrome" Pavonis and wanted to get some information on refinishing the boiler, grouphead, etc. I would really like to change one of them to the copper look. So a few questions to maybe achieve this are:
1. Does the Pavoni have a brass or copper boiler?
2. The finish on the Chrome Pavoni is chrome or nickel?
3. Do the Pavonis with the "copper" finish have some sort of finish to protect against oxidation?
4. Has anybody tried doing this before?

Thanks for the feedback.


#2: Post by Yotam »

1. From what I know, a chrome plated LP boiler is brass (or a copper alloy, the late rpavlis mentioned it in one of his posts)
2. ^Chrome
3. I know most brass and copper LP are coated with a varnish to protect them
4. I remember reading in these forums that someone had attempted this.

I don't think you'll get the same look as the copper/gold LP that are being sold now. I would not attempt this without sandblasting and a proper buffing wheel.

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#3: Post by drgary »

Years ago I made the mistake of descaling a lever machine group that was chrome plated. I left it too long and the descaling solution removed some of the chrome finish. I wouldn't be surprised if a longer descaling bath did the trick. However, doing this too much to the boiler, especially its interior, would dissolve away some of the brass and could produce pinholes. I think a better approach would be to sell one or more of your chrome machines and buy a real copper and brass one, preferably an older version that has better build quality than the newer ones.

Real brass or fake brass re: used La Pavoni Europiccola

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