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#1: Post by mwynne »

Just reporting that I managed to dislodge, then fail to reinstall, then completely lose the itty bitty circlip that holds the anti-vac valve together. No luck with a few searches for the circlip only, so have ordered a whole new assembly *sigh*. Hopefully the mail is favourable and I'm not without a working machine for too long.
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#2: Post by Cremaniac »

Bummer, hope your wait isn't too long. in the US you can buy a kit that will have what's probably a lifetime supply of circlips for about $10 shipped. Also includes clips sized for lever pins: ... SwAtpgF8WD
Probably similar can be had in Canada.

I usually put whatever has a small circlip, like the vac breaker in a Cremina cap, in a plastic bag before trying to remove the circlip. Then I remove the clip by piercing the bag with whatever tool I'm using. The clip stays in the bag instead of flying away. Install clip the same way. I've replaced leaky breaker O rings at least 3 times without losing the clip. I don't know the size clip you need for the LP, or the Cremina for that matter.

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mwynne (original poster)

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Oh that's an excellent tip on bagging parts before removing circlips!

In this case I wasn't trying to remove the circlip, I just dropped the valve on the workbench and off the circlip went flying.

New part is en route, we'll be back in business in a few days.
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