La Pavoni Europiccola 2.3a diode

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I just purchased my first lever espresso machine. It's a La Pavoni Europiccola 2.3a off eBay. How do I tell if the diode is bad? Is there a replacement diode or other work around if it's bad?


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I don't know anything about how this diode is used, but diodes are easy to test. Use your multimeter in ohms function. Put the probes on one way then reverse them. You are looking for the readings to be higher in one direction than the other. If you get the same reading both ways (usually low ohms) then the diode is shorted. If you get infinity both ways, then the diode is blown (open).


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Curious about this, a search revealed, among other posts

La Pavoni Europiccola switch problem

My quick read is that it is used to halve the power to get a "low" setting from the heating element. (Confirm this with more careful reading.) If this is correct, if you get lower heat output on "low", then the diode is probably OK.

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Jeff wrote:If this is correct, if you get lower heat output on "low", then the diode is probably OK.
+1. The 2.3a version designation is from Francesco Ceccarelli, who describes this version here: ... 0W_eng.htm

With a 750 watt element you would get about 375 watt when switched to low. The difference should be noticeable in the hissing volume at the different settings.

The switch is the same as the dual element switch but with that rectifier diode soldered in. I don't think it's available as a replacement part. If the diode went bad I'm sure you could find a replacement and solder it in if you were handy at soldering. Same issue if the switch were to fail (you'd probably need to solder a diode into a new replacement switch). You may need to rig heat sinks to avoid melting the plastic while soldering.

If the element were to go bad it might be worth converting to the old dual element, or perhaps to the newer single element with a pressurestat and red/green single switch.
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If the diode is bad, it will either have no heat or full heat in the low position. I would guess any diode in the series 1N5404 - 1N5408 would work. Those are 5 Amp 400-1000V diodes that should be easily available for well under $1.00.



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Here is a datasheet of 1N5404 diode. ... 04-pdf.php

This is a paper of what 120V AC in the US means: ... %20ground).

Hope this helps.

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Oops, it's only 3 amp, not 5.