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#41: Post by homeburrero » Jan 16, 2020, 2:12 pm

TrevorJB wrote:Would there be an issue with having these machined from steel instead of brass? I could pretty easily get a steel one made if it was ever needed, but I'm sure there must be a good reason for the brass that I'm not seeing.
The original (now unavailable) Pavoni flange was brass, and both of the custom replacements I've seen are in in brass, but I *think* steel would probably work. There was a period where Pavoni was making them in plastic - I think that was when they switched to coarse thread on the boiler. They quit doing that and went back to a brass flange and a stainless steel element. ( ... io_eng.htm )

That Francesco page doesn't show the thread pitch. The plastic and later I believe are 1.5 mm, the earlier unavailables and the custom rings are 1.25 mm.
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#42: Post by drgary » Jan 16, 2020, 2:35 pm

Also if the boiler is brass and you attach a steel flange, you'll be mating dissimilar metals, and they'll be more likely to gall. I always use food-safe ant-seize compound to avoid that, even with similar metals.

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