La Pavoni and light roasts

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#1: Post by 1rider »

I have been sticking with the same roast of coffee while getting familiar with my La Pavoni using a medium dark roast and dosing approximately 11 grams with success. Grinder is a Niche

I have a light roast I am getting later this week to explore and was wondering if anyone had any tips, starting pointers or otherwise.


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#2: Post by guijan12 »

With any new roast I start from from where I was with the previous roasts grind settings.
Except from very dark roasts, I dose 15 gr. in an 18 gr. basket.
And adjust grind settings to match my tastebuds.

Hope that helps a bit.... :wink:


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#3: Post by Dev1t »

TLDR: Questions - What would you do to get less output from the same amount of beans? tamp harder? Increase the dose? something else?

Prologue: I have pretty much the same question. I got my machine yesterday and burned through almost 1lbs of the 2lbs of free beans that came with it :D . The free beans turned out to be a blessing although MUCH darker than I'm used to in my old pour over setup. This is my first espresso experience so I expected a lot of waste at first while I got comfortable adjusting the new Eureka Mignon Silenzio grinder and pulling shots. After about 3.5 hours yesterday I through in the towel. My last shot of the day was pretty bad but WAY better than the first :wink: .

I pulled two shots this morning with the coffee below. First done in 15 seconds and was sooo pucker worthy so went from a grind setting of +1 down to -0.5 on the mignon grinder. The recipe and result below is from the second shot. Please let me know if there is any advice you can offer me or 1rider since I'm sure they will run into some of this too once their coffee arrives.

Solicitation for advice:
Basket: IMS Double Basket : 14 ~ 16g
Beans: La Divisa ( ... ic-release)
Recipe: weight: 15.5g in 41g out / time:29sec / group temp 93.7C
Grind setting: -0.5
Taste: better than the first sourball ( think it was sour) but still not pleasant. I steamed some whole milk and it was actually pretty good after that.

I feel like the time was reasonable, but the amount out seems way too high. I'm new, but I think my puck prep was good. I used a distributor tool (in the picture) to spin the grounds flat and then gave a hard tamping. The infusion took about 4 seconds to start dripping and was not located in any one location (naked PF). Post brewing the puck was uniform and came out of the basket clean. the group head was also clean.

Thanks to everyone that provided buying advice! I've wanted this machine since 1998 and have been doing pour over forever! It's a whole new world.