La Pavoni 1996 pressurestat adjustment

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#1: Post by Kodemkol »

Hello everyone,
I have my la Pavoni for couple of months now and i am very pleased.
after I bought some accessories like WDT tool, puck screen and 49.5 tamper, I get consistent shots.

Now i have my pressurestat adjusted to 0.7 and than it cuts off. i would like to know if i can to adjust it to be a bit higher. like 0.9..
if so how can i do that, i attached some pictures of my heating element and the pressurestat.

Thank you!


#2: Post by RobAnybody »

based on the Images it appears that your pressurestat isn't adjustable. on the adjustable ones there is a plastic screw that allows you to set the pressure. So if you want to change it you will have to replace the pressurestat.
Then again, 0.7 bars is the reccommended boiler pressure for making espresso on a pre-millennium La Pavoni. higher boiler pressure will allow for more steaming power but will also make the grouphead overheat much faster.
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