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Anyone have experience with the La Marzocco Leva X? I was looking at the single group version, but being in the U.S., I'd have to try and get 220V power to it, as I don't think they'll be making a 110V version.
I was inspired by the LONDINIUM R24, as the quality of the shots it produced, and wanted to see if the Leva X would be that much better.
Please let me know our experience, if you've had the pleasure of trying out one of these machines and how the shot that it produced, tasted.



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Machine is only available in 220v version.
1G is only available in some areas.
In Canada, it is not available in all provinces.
One would need to check availability in their region.
I tasted the machine, it was great, created smoother shots than I'm used to on my pump machine.

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Greg Scace has the only one in North American that I know of.

Videos of Greg Scace at home (and his La Marzocco Leva X)

Monsterzero (original poster)

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Thank you very much for the video. I will check it out and see what his experience has been with the Leva X.

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I appreciate the reply. Thanks!