La Cimbali M20 worn lever

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Hi, I hava a Cimbali M20 lever machine and my friend have a two group version at their coffee shop here in town. I am including pictures of the problem. The hole in the lever housing that the hardened metal shaft goes through has been wearing very quickly. We are thinking of boring it out an putting a sleeve in it. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Also, does anyone know where there are any lever parts for this old machine.
Thanks, Doug


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#2: Post by drgary »

You could probably bore it out and put a bushing or a roller bearing in there. It would be exacting work, but that should extend its life.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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It's interesting that the curved part of the lever housing where it meets the bearing is wearing out really fast. The bearings are new and spin freely