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Hello everyone, this is my first post. I found a La Cimbali M20 LE out in Vancouver for a bit of a bargain.

It's been in storage (temp-controlled) for 2 years but I'm told it was serviced shortly before being put away.

It seems these machines come up around Western Canada once in a while and I was hoping to perhaps connect with fellow owners and anyone with knowledge about the machine. I'm a tinkerer by nature and really love coffee -- raised in a family of cyclists with roots in Italy; good espresso is just something that makes me extraordinarily happy.

Look forward to chatting with anyone who has time. Anything and everything really: have you owned one? Have a manual/parts list? Do you know where I could get it serviced?

Cheers :)


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#2: Post by Jeff »

Congrats and welcome!

That looks like a great find, even 110 V!

NB: Ryan is your man on part numbers. When he contradicts me, assume he's correct!

Espresso Parts seems to stock the gaskets, at least. ... ever-group

The part numbers in a Nouva Ricambi catalog are often available through multiple suppliers. One place you can download the catalog is at ... oparts.pdf Page 63 is some lever group that might be yours. I don't know the history of the Cimbali groups to confirm.

Another good resource for part numbers is They often provide dimensions and cross references.

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Nice find 8)

I have a Cimbali Eleva that may or may not use the same group seals as yours. I am curious to see how your group compares, but I just took these pics a few minutes ago. Looks like my machine went out of use becuase the group inlet hole fully plugged up!

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From the gauge, it looks like you'll probably have to rebuild or replace the vacuum breaker - an easy fix.

Just a quick note: Keep that little green inspection sticker in place below the serial number plate on the machine. That sticker makes the machine legal in B.C., and can prove to be valuable if you ever decide to sell the machine.
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Nice. I've been running an M20 daily for about 15 years. Great machine. James at Bravo Coffee in Richmond is who I bought it from and who services it for me.
One tip: don't leave it on 24/7. The piston gaskets break down quicker. It takes about an hour to warm up.