Kim Pedretti leaking issue

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#1: Post by cafedeltorero »

Hello Everyone:

I would like to ask for advice on how to fix a water leaking problem.

Water comes out from where it is supposed to come out while brewing coffee. The warmer the machine gets the less amount of water that comes out. And by the time the machine is hot enough to produce coffee, no water exits.

Recently, I replaced all the O rings.

Any thoughts on how to make it work normally will be very much appreciated.


#2: Post by RobAnybody »

Given your description (leaking stops once the machine is hot) my guess would be that the piston o-rings might be just a bit to thin, sealing only when the piston has expanded after warming up.
Franceco Ceccarelli sells a seal kit for the Kim express ... dretti.htm he might also be able to tell you what the dimensions of the piston o-rings are.
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#3: Post by grog »

Did you lube the o-rings and cylinder when you replaced the seals? If so, yeah, probably just undersized enough to only seal at temp. I had one of these machines and the piston was difficult to get in and out of the cylinder whenever I serviced it - very snug fit.
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