Just set up my new daily driver, Bezzera Lever

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D Hoge

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Just recently purchased this beautiful Bezzera to use as my daily driver. Couldn't be more happier with it so far.


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I dig the machine! Which one is it, do you approx the year it was made? Congrats!
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D Hoge (original poster)

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Bezzera B300-al , circa early 1990's, rare here in the states. Actually, surprisingly enough it's rare to even find any info on the internet, except for one or two ( one which is this machine) that were for sale.
Nice thing is, parts are readily available, due to its design.


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I imported this exact machine from the Nederlands. She would still be on my counter if I had room for an espresso bar like yours!

It's built like a tank. Powerfull steamer and one of the few commercial HX lever out there.

I hope she makes you happy!


*Arnoud at Hoodfkwartier is the guy I bought it from. Great guy!
https://instagram.com/branderij_hoofdkw ... =copy_link
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#6: Post by zix »

Looking good!
Here, in a remote corner of our office, is my Lady Bez 3000, waiting for me to come and pull the after-lunch shot :)

Are you lacking the plastic cover of the group, @D Hoge? Mine is cracked. Time to make a 3D print version, perhaps?

P.S. mine was bought from a guy in the Netherlands as well. Same place perhaps, @LObin ?
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The B3000AL water and group temperature are adjustable like any other HX, through the pstat.
Unlike an E61, you can't put an eric thermometer to figure out your best pstat setting, flush routine and rebound time.

If I can make a suggestion, I purchased this little thermometer from Italy and it has made a world of difference for me. It can be turned ON and OFF and you can put either a group sensor or a portafilter sensor. I'd strongly recommend getting both. Unless you have access to a scace device of course.

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Group-head-ther ... 637-2357-0

*I just noticed the small thermometer in the picture!
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#8: Post by zix »

Hmm, temperature reading... Which hole do you guys use for the thermo sensor?
Can't see on the pics. (Never did think of mounting a thermometer, but I did tweak the pressostat to a lower value)
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#9: Post by LObin » replying to zix »

There are no ports on the group. The thermometer that I have on my Londinium (see the eBay link) comes with either a group sensor or a portafilter sensor.

I ordered both so I can figure out the differential between my group temperature (mine's at 3 o'clock at the water inlet hole height) and the brew temperature.

Once I have that data, I only use the group sensor.
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#10: Post by zix »

Should have followed your link to begin with, sorry!
Great little device. Will get one or two. Thanks!

And again, congratulations on the machine, @D Hoge. I use mine in the office nowadays, it likes when you pull a lot of shots through it. Preferably all day :)
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