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Thijs is very helpful and often responds pretty quickly if you email him. Nice guy.

The spring turned black as it probably reacted with the piston during descaling. Try not to mix ferrous metals with brass/copper/aluminum to avoid that as it results in a situation where the ferrous bits will slowly wear away in the solution. The black stuff is a reaction to that. If you wanted to replace the spring entirely the proper tool to get it unscrews is a face spanner wrench and a vise to clamp the group while unscrewing the piston.

Since it's similar to an Astoria group there should be two 5mm holes on the face of the piston

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Thanks for the explanation! Always interesting to learn new stuff. Still waiting for the new gaskets, ordered from cafelat UK to avoid sending stuff across the globe, but packages from UK are going through toll import services with them extra fees nowadays.
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