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Contact Maria at ACS.



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I was in coffee addicts last month and spoke with one of the owners. At the time, he told me that he was planning on bringing in the Vostok. He had also spoken with Nurri about possibly bringing their machines in as well. It would be amazing to try both out side by side. Very nice guy and wonderful store.


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If you are thinking about going back to a spring lever from your Cremina, I highly recommend the Nurri Leva. It is vastly different from the Pro 800 we both had and makes consistently superb espresso (much better than I could make using the Strietman CT2). I'd be happy to discuss the Nurri with you.


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Thank you for all the responses,YOU GUYS ROCK! I now have some sense of direction for vendors.

I have decided to only consider equipment which has a North American presence for parts, service, etc. Too many odd experiences and international shipping costs are significant.


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ACS and Nurri have distributors in N. America.
Nurri's distributor in the US is Clive Coffee (IDRINKCoffee is their Canadian sales agent).

I forget who sells ACS in the US and Canada.


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I thought that idrinkcoffee in Canada started carrying nurri machines before clivecoffee was appointed distributor for USA?
LMWDP #729


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For US distribution. Contact ACS, but Zelie Beans coffee out of Houston is the distributor. Both have pretty active instagram accounts. Joseph the Zelie Beans owner is super nice. Looking at their site they may have sold out of their Vostok allotment already. I ordered through them back in April, production has been delayed slightly fingers crossed it ships soon. Will try to post an unboxing once it comes in in June.

https://zeliebeanscoffee.com/products/a ... ngle-group


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I ordered in December last year.
My machine is sitting in a DHL facility in Leipzig waiting to be strapped onto a donkey to then take nearly another two weeks to cross the Carpathians and be loaded onto a raft with Tom Hanks to paddle across the Indian Ocean on it's way to Australia. :roll:

The plain SS orders were manufactured first as there were some delays with the powder coated casings.

I'm not really concerned about the delays as I am sure they are refining the machine and their construction techniques with each machine. It would be nice to have a serial number equivalent to my order.
It would appear that DHL only flies Europe to Aus once a fortnight, one of the few disadvantages of living "Down Under".


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I've corresponded with the good folk at Zelie Beans and discovered LH, in his YouTube review was way off on his delivered pricing to North America--if my addition skills have not declined too badly, he was almost $2k off. I'm still gathering information but now there are more variables to consider if my math skills are somewhat accurate.

Not sure yet if one has a warranty or service problem if there will be a North American solution.

The good news is I'm much further along in the process in great part to the guidance and information gathered here!


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Hey! Sorry for the wrong pricing. I went off what I was told by ACS when I got that preproduction unit