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#1: Post by Maolo »

I'ver recently seen a youtube video by Brian Quan about the Jian Yi lever espresso machine. It looks very cool, but I cannot find any reviews or information on it. Has anybondy in this forum used the Jian Yi or know anything more about it?


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There limited information in the vendor's Taobao page (https://h5.m.taobao.com/awp/core/detail ... oSite=main) and if you search EAF on Discord there may be tidbits.

Would also be interested in learning more about this machine.

Specifically, it's not clear to me whether the non-PID version has a manual (ON/OFF push button) heater? I don't think it does, but i would be happy to sacrifice some accuracy to get rid of that giant PID box.

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I've seen the video on Taobao. The model demonstrated by Brian on Youtube was an older version - according to Aliexpress and Taobao the PID is not built into the upright pillar of the device. It is not nearly as elegant as the Flair 58, but seems to improve on it in many ways. PID for one, 100ml water (merely 10ml more than Flair, but still) and price. And according to one reviewer - Brian - it makes delicious espresso. I'm strongly considering buying one but it would be great to see some more user feedback. And to let them sort out the first generation bugs.


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I've got a friend who has one and loves theirs (it's actually the exact unit that Brian had in his video). It holds temp very well and you can just fill it up and leave it and the I believe (correct me if wrong) that the showerscreen and PF gasket is standard e61, which is always a plus. Pressure gauge looks easy to see, etc. Somewhat unrelated to the function, but I think that the PF locking pattern is super cool.

Funny side note: the newer versions came with a stone inside of the machine. Like, a literal rock. We all were trying to figure it out what it was for for half an hour, but we realized it was for remineralizing water! The only two real downsides I can see with this machine is the bulkiness/lack of aesthetic appeal, as well as the availability. It's a lot sketchier to get one of these than a F58.

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This appears to be the video discussed above.

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That PID box on the first version reminds me of the PID box I made for my La Peppina when I first started with levers. Worked pretty good but I decided that it was overkill after a while since the La Peppina had a large kettle and the temp was pretty stable once reached.

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This is definitely my favourite next upgrade option. So many new lever espresso options coming to market now...I'll hold on to my Flair for a while longer. If anyone finds any videos or reviews...please post!


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I tried using google translate on the link posted above without success. Is there an easier way for an english speaker to buy one of these levers? I'd like to try it myself.

I also suppose it is 220v with a Chinese plug... hmm.


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I have one , have my telegram and ask all the questions you want.
Telegram : @imkinger

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#10: Post by genecounts »

IMkinger would appreciate if you would post your impressions of this seemingly dream machine. I'm intensely interested in a new lever machine potentially coming to market. Also excited about something in the $500 price range. Wow!