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Maolo wrote:I am amazed! A stone in the chamber???? I would not have believed it if I didn't see the picture. I haven't had any problems with temperature management or shot volume. My espresso shots are delicious and getting better. My longest shots are 60g though and default shots are 30-45g, so I don't know what max shot is. I fill up the chamber with extra water after lifting the handle half way and that has given me more than enough to work with for any shot to date.

Tell me how to disassemble the shower screen and I will search for the rock
This is the shortest video explaining how to remove the shower screen I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxmMpQNTzgk

E61 showerscreen removal will reveal many longer videos. I would generally recommend larger flat head screwdriver and only using one and attacking 3-4 different points to remove it evenly. Some people put a rag in between the screwdriver and the group, while that offers a little protection it also increases the risk of slipping and damaging other parts or fingers. Usually the chrome doesn't take damage when acting with care in my experience.

Would you snap a foto that looks in the cylinder from the bottom once you have removed the showerscreen and the stone respective the silicone disk. If you could move the piston in the highest position for the foto that would be perfect.


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With the Jian Yi you should be able to just grab on to the shower screen and take it away, maybe you need to turn it little so it will come loose.

Maolo (original poster)

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I'll try that this week and take photos as I go

Maolo (original poster)

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Thanks, let me see if I can do this without damage ;-)

Maolo (original poster)

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In the meantime, I'd love to hear the Jian Yi owners' experiences with making espresso. I've recently started roasting my own coffee and it feels like I'm in espresso heaven. I almost find it impossible to make bad tasting espresso. My Niche grinder probably adds to the quality of my espresso. After hundreds of espressos and about 3-4 months of active use I have absolutely no regrets and I cannot see me buying anything else. My machine came with a few dings - regrettable, but apart from that it was just awesome out of the box. I replaced the standard basket with a 22g vst basket and I now use it for anything from 16-20g doses. I mostly stick to 18g in. I may at some stage consider gettting the blue tooth flow profiling setup, but my current espresso is so satisfying, that I will have to wait and see if I ever want to juggle more variables.


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Maolo wrote:I'll try that this week and take photos as I go
Awesome, thank you!

PS: I just stumbled across this video, it shows a lot of the construction, just not the inner of the cylinder that I am interested in :D


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Maolo wrote:Thanks, let me see if I can do this without damage ;-)
I normally use a spoon to take off the shower screen.

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Ok, I have an answer to the question about the rock. I removed the piston and shone some light in from the top of the cylinder. Lo and behold, I could see a rock/concrete. I did not remove the shower screen, so, sorry, no pictures.

The question is what to do about the rock. I have had stunning espresso to date and I'm thinking: should I mess with something that's not bothering me.

Would love to hear what other users think of this. I'm honestly more interested in user experiences than to get rid of the rock at this stage.


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Anybody knows the type of temperature sensor. My Joan Yi just arrived and it came with a broken sensor.


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can you not send their customer service photos of the broken part? they should send you a replacement.