Izzo Alex Leva Single Basket

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I am new to this forum (on any forum) and became recently the happy owner of a used Alex Leva with LSM group.
I noticed that the portafilter does not completely fit in the group because Izzo supplies this machine with a 6mm ring instead of the original 5.5mm from La San Marco. Which also increases the risk of a blowout.

After I thoroughly serviced the machine and placed the original 5.5mm groupring, I kept getting damaged pucks in the single basket due to the decreased depth due to the thinner groupring.

While the single basket should be suitable for 9 grams of coffee, it appears that in practice even 7 grams is too much for this basket.
Since I spend a lot of time alone, I have always used the single basket of my previous E61 group a lot and would like to do so with this machine.
However, there was no way I got a decent single shot.
The 9 grams single basket ( LF 5069283 ) is the largest single basket available so I ordered a second one and made it 2mm deeper with a hydraulic press.
By putting the 9 gram filter in an open portafilter and using the base of the tamper as a stamp, I was able to make the filter 2mm deeper and even though the edge is now flat, it still closes well and I am now able to produce a decent single shot with the same grinding degree as a double.
Now 9 grams of coffee is not a problem and the puck is undamaged after pulling a single shot.

Does anyone know why the single baskets are so small in this group? The 8 gram basket (LF 1160271) doesn't even fit into the group at all when using the 5.5mm LSM group ring.
Thanks in advance for your reply.