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danetrainer wrote:
You should try loosening up the Acorn nut on the top of the piston shaft and the thin nut underneath see if they can turn further down the shaft, that should set the "stop" so the lever won't drop as low.
Do not do that. It will change the critical piston to screen setting. Consider talking to your distributor.

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On the Creminas I've owned, when inserting the OEM portafilter, the handle touches the lever handle slightly, but it doesn't interfere with anything. I've tried a couple of aftermarket portafilters with shorter handles and didn't care for them because the baskets are too loose.

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Here is Doug from Orphan Espresso describing the adjustment of those nuts, OE was the Olympia Express distributor when I bought my first Cremina in 2012. He describes the clearance the yoke should have with the bell to not contact it. Also, with the extra travel you have at the moment, Doug explains the seal of the piston could be traveling below the lower edge of the cylinder.

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Also, there is an image in the PDF showing an image of the Cremina in profile. Note the space between the resting lever and the group. If you do not have that space, adjust as danetrainer and I have both suggested. ... b_2019.pdf
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Hey guys I found the issue.

It was the Naked Portafilter pressure gauge. It was lowering the piston about 2mm more than the stock piston. When I switch back to stock it just barely misses (1mm of clearance id say)