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LObin wrote: Either way, l think we can agree that the Robot pulling warmer shots than the Flair58 is simply a false impression.
They "can" achieve very similar peak temperatures with the flair doing a small bump during the pull while the Niche has a more "classic" declining temp curve.
I don't know what you mean by false impression.

Based on my non-Scace tests I believe the Robot can achieve higher peak temperatures than 93°C without extreme measures. It is also possible for a Robot to have a relatively steady temperature but it requires more effort, especially compared to the Flair 58.

So yeah, the Flair 58 can fairly easily deliver a close to constant 93°C shot. But it's not true to say that it is a fact that it's impossible to achieve that with a Robot. It's just not particularly convenient.

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to answer a previous comment, when I said that the pressure gauge didn't work, it really didn't work, it stayed at "0" so it didn't instill confidence. I understand that this can happen, but for a machine selling for 769 euros here in France, the doubt set in.
As for the temperature, I didn't use a measuring instrument, but with the Robot basket placed on top of the kettle before the shot, the coffee was hotter in the cup with the Robot than with the Flair set to level 3. Admittedly, you can say that this is just a feeling, but it seemed noticeable to me.