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Postby Vereto » Jul 13, 2018, 12:12 am

Makes sense. My machine does hiss while warming up and is silent once it is up to temp. Thanks!


Postby mazur » Jul 13, 2018, 1:44 am

Note that when you purge the air properly out of the group, you will feel resistance immediately during the pull. If I don't purge properly, I usually pull the lever 50% of the way before I start getting any flow.

To get to that point I have noticed that I need to get the group very hot. I do at least 5 strokes of the lever up and down completely and quickly and then hold the lever up and purge water for a couple seconds. When done right, the rate at which water is expelled gets more vigorous and steamy. Note that this is on a Pro, so I expelling some extra water is no biggy for me.


Postby Vereto » Jul 13, 2018, 9:53 pm

Interesting. 99% of my pulls don't have resistance till roughly 50% of the lever throw.

So to purge correctly, you draw water out without letting the lever come back down?


Postby jtrops » replying to Vereto » Yesterday, 4:25 pm

Purging the group, or flushing as we called it earlier, is what mazur was referring to. In order to make sure that I have moved as much water into the group before placing the PF (portafilter), I do a short flush to just let water come out of the group, and then hold the lever just when it stops flowing. Then I put the PF in and start filling the group. This, along with having a hot enough group, makes it so that my lever feels resistance immediately when I start pulling down.

If you feel sponginess in the lever as you pull it means you are compressing air that is still in the cylinder.


Postby RHP » Today, 7:46 am

I think all the advice on here is spot on, as you'd expect. The only thing I'd add is just to not be put off by the apparent tediousness of the early learning curve. I believe I've had mine a couple of years now and my first results were pretty average and very inconsistent. But now I can just eyeball the amount of beans I'm using have the technique down (for my machine) for pulling a good shot. I found weighing the beans really important early on for learning how they were affecting the shot but once I had it dialed in, I put the scales away. I might get them out occasionally for a new coffee but I'm not one for weighing every single time when I really don't need to. My shots come out at around 30 grams, which is with pulling a little extra through at the beginning. I like the texture and intensity around here (Cortado or macchiato, usually). I can let more water in if I like but it's not as good for my tastes - you have to love this control it allows you once you get a knack of it!

My "shots" are the regular double basket on the newer machines (51mm?). So I guess you might call this a "double shot" but if you read about these do get confused a bit, as there obviously is a single shot basket with the La Pavoni, but it's not used as commonly. I've grown to really like the size though, you get a great texture out of the regular "double" shot. I like that it's gives me a small and intense coffee in flavour and fully satisfies me, but isn't throwing me through the roof with caffeine either.


Postby Vereto » Today, 3:25 pm

Ok pulled 3 shots this morning, all of them 14g.

Started by letting the machine warm up for 20 minutes. For each shot, I did 5 slow flushes to try and heat up the group head. Then I pulled 2 oz of just hot water to heat the cup. Then I pulled the handle up slowly until I heard water just start filling the chamber and immediately stopped, pulling back slightly. I secured the PF and proceeded.

Shot 1: On pre-infusion, I felt minimal water entry. I only felt back pressure around 10 degrees below horizon of the lever and the shot yielded 18g.

Shot 2: (<5 minutes later). This time, I felt much more water entering the chamber. Still no back pressure until horizon (my typical experience) but the shot was 27g. Tasted pretty good but I wanted more crema.

Shot 3: (20 minutes later) This time, thinking I was not getting enough back pressure, I reduced the grind on my Lido E by 0.5 marks. This time, I felt/heard a good deal of water entering the chamber but when I pulled the lever, I had no back pressure essentially all the way down. The shot was perhaps 4 drops but the lever was easily pulled to baseline. I looked at the puck and it was wet but essentially undisturbed. EDIT: In retrospect, I did use an older coffee for this shot as I ran out of my fresh roast... Burning through so much coffee trying to get this process down! I should have some new fresh beans tomorrow.

Any thoughts?

Thanks. (Don't worry RHP, still loving this hobby)