Interested in custom kettles for La Peppina?

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five and dime

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Hi all-
Just wanted to put this out to see how mush interest there is in it:
I am currently rebuilding my La Peppina from the ground up. I am negotiating with a local glass artist to make replacement kettles for the rust prone ones in the La Peppina. It will be pyrex and he can make it a different shape perhaps with a glass lid or just reproduce the much loved euro kettle to accept the original lid. If there enough interest it could be cheaper. I'll be meeting with him so he can take measurements on the July, 19th so we can get a more accurate quote. Please let me know if you are interested in these.
Lane Brookshire

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five and dime (original poster)

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I sent a drawing of the kettle to a fabrication shop that does metal spinning. They can do stainless steel or aluminum which then could be anodized different colors.....I will have a quote back from them shortly- Is nobody really interested? :shock:
Lane Brookshire

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I missed your first post but since I'm a potential victim of Peppina kettle rot (the bottom of my kettle has rust spots) I'd be interested for the right price.

It might be interesting to change colors too, but it might be a hard sell for the Wife since she really likes the way the current black kettle looks in her kitchen.

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Lane, I'm interested. I don't have my La Peppina any more, but I might get another, especially if the boiler could be done in stainless. Not interested in aluminum....

I also explored making ceramic ones and made some prototypes, but sold the LP before finishing them.


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five and dime (original poster)

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Great, glad to hear you guys are interested! I thought about a ceramic option too. I think the tolerances would be a challenge. Depending on how affordable it is, I thought about exploring the coveted "euro kettle" shape or even a 1 piece design that would eliminate the aluminum plate at the bottom. I'll keep you posted once a have a few quotes.
Lane Brookshire

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#6: Post by PacMan »

Price of course would dictate interest, at least for me. My kettle only has one small spot of rust right now but I'd love something that would be less likely to deteriorate.

Bak Ta Lo

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Hey! perfect! I have a La Peppina that had the kettle crushed in shipping. I would for sure be interested to get a new one to bring it back to life.
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The proper way to do a ceramic boiler isn't too hard. You need to create a model out of clay or whatever that is about 10% larger than what you want to end up with because clay shrinks. You then make a two piece mold from plaster and slip cast the boiler using the right clay slip.

You can do many this way from the same mold and it isn't a big deal. The time part of it is in making the pattern. You can color the slip so that it is colored all the way through.

For those who don't know the process, you pour in the liquid clay (slip) and then wait. The plaster absorbs some water, hardening the clay. You then pour out the clay that is still liquid in the center of the mold and the inside of the mold is now coated with a layer of clay. Let it harden a bit, it will shrink away from the plaster and release it. That is how clay is cast.


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Replacement kettles would be fantastic. I have a couple of Peppina with very tired kettles. I am very interested.
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I'd also be interested, depending on price and colors available.