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grog wrote:Sorta makes it look like a Comocafe/Peppina hybrid. Do the glass kettles work with the other style of Peppina top (with rubber gasket and screw handle)?
I'd imagine the lid ID is the same, I'll measure mine when I get home tonight. And as far as the cinching down of the steam lid goes, I can't say.... The glass is pretty thick and has a bead-rolled edge at the top. (I would need dimensions on the other style lid to give you a better idea.)
-hope that helps!
Lane Brookshire

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five and dime wrote:... I still think I get the best shots out of a peppina
I agree!
five and dime wrote:and that's coming from a guy with access to and Idrocompresso at work! :shock:
Woah! :shock:
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I've had a few questions regarding the details and issues with a glass kettle,
It is borosilicate glass which is tough and can stand up to many heat cycles but you have to watch out for scratching it in any way as this will weaken it. Other things to watch for is "shocking the kettle" with hot water additions if starting cold or vise-versa, as any abrupt change in temperature could cause a rapid expansion of the metal disk against the glass.

Disclaimer: there will always be some risk with this kettle, and no, the glass company will not replace them for free. So please be gentle with it!

To install the kettle, I strongly suggest first polishing the edge of the metal disk with fine emery paper. Using a fresh o-ring that's been in hot water and dow 111, seat the kettle down snug. Add cold water then slowly snug down the thumbscrew until all dribbles are gone. Slowly heat the kettle and watch for drips, tighten down more if needed. Next, enjoy the theater of a glass kettle!

Hope this helps!
Lane Brookshire

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Hi, guys!

My kettle is here, it arrived today. Fantastic piece. Unfortunately, I'll have to test it later as I have to reassemble the piston and lever of my Peppina.