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Hello Lane :D

I'm definitely interested as well. Thanks!

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Just another update on Peppina kettles*
I met with Zak Timan, the glass artist I've been talking with, at his studio to show him the kettle so he could take his own measurements. He'll be using a lathe to make it as the base is pretty large to blow from tube. I asked him to quote for 2 configurations: one is a euro kettle design, with the option of a glass lid (still with a hole in it) and the other being a one-piece design that would snug down against the base without the metal piece. I should have his final quote for the above in a week or so.

Also, I spoke with the metal spinners' owner he told me why the shape was difficult to spin; because the US type kettle flares out at the lid at 90 degree angle makes it a design challenge for spinning. It was suggested to me to "go back to the drawing board" so to speak. I will send a new drawing that has a simpler tulip shape to the euro kettle but with the lid seating area having a rolled edge on the outside than on the inside. (Think a marriage between the 2 kettle designs without any 90 degree turns at the top.) Additionally, the owner was able to roughly spec out a price for aluminum for me: tooling is about ~$250 with each spun unit ~$15 on top of that he could anodize in an array of colors. For comparison: the stainless is not an option with tooling running into ~$450 range and he was unsure if spinning it was even possible.

I'll be updating as the quotes come in!
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Bump, any update on this?

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I would also be very interested in an update on it!
Thank you Chris for bringing this back up.
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im also tagging along on this thread. Definitely interested.
Has anyone looked into the ceramic coating like the original boiler has?

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I'm in on the glass kettle if that works out at a reasonable price.
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I like the idea of glass. How thick would the kettle have to be to be sturdy?
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Wow, so it's definitely been a while....So sorry to keep you all hanging on this. The kettle replacement idea lost steam as it seemed like it was A) too expensive to rationalize on a machine that the average cost is $300 and B) I was lost in the abyss that was grad school! I'm out now, looking for work and looking for more fun projects to work on. In fact, I've been doing someespresso machine drawings based from some of my favorites. (I do concept artwork and design for animation, so they are really just props I designed.)That brings me to the new studio space I'm working from has a scientific glass shop around the corner which reminded me of this forgotten project. The shop is called Adams and Chittenden and I spoke with them about kettles today! I'll be bringing mine in tomorrow so they can measure it and talk some real figures. They said it could be as cheap as $100 but if they have to do tooling $250 so we'll see:) Anyone serious, send me a message so I can get another tally going. Thanks again!-Lane
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If this is still an active pursuit, I would be interested in two replacement kettles (assuming the price is reasonable). I have two LaPeppinas and the kettles are rusting out on both. I have considered this same idea in metal, glass, and ceramic, but never pursued it with much vigor.



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I may be interested in well depending on price.