Insanity - an ES1 and an Olympia Cremina SL

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I used to frequent and learned a lot from HB more than a decade ago as I began my espresso journey. I roast my own and have been happily married to a GS3 for about 12 years. We have a mountain house that we just completed renovating, so I had planned to move my GS3 up there and I would replace it with something in our primary home. Well, I plugged in the GS3 in its new home (plumbed in) and got a couple shots out of it and it was fried. Power switch, solid state relay, heating element and lots of stuff fried around the switch and I just didn't want to mess with it anymore, so I sold it to the repair shop for what I thought was a fair price (all of my repair costs for last three years) and started over. This is where insanity began.

Over the years, I have had a LaPavoni and a Pasquini and the GS3 (which I thought was my forever machine). I really wanted a lever, but had limited space due to cabinet height in both homes. Then, I remembered the tiny Olympia Cremina (SL) and it fit quite well. It should also require less maintenance, so I decided to put it in the mountain place. Now, I had to replace the GS3 that formerly resided in the primary home and wanted another machine of similar style (dual boiler, temp stable, shot after shot after shot). That took me to another GS3, Dalla Corte Mina, Synesso ES1 (I had always lusted after a Synesso), San Remo You, Decent and RocketR91. For various reasons (mostly lust and a desire for temp stability and some profiling (although not as much as the Decent offers), I went with the ES1 which should arrive in late March or so.

So, I'll be learning a lever machine in the mountains and an ES1 here in Atlanta all at the same time (we will split time between spots with about 65% in Atlanta). It is insanity to be sure, but should be a helluva lot of fun and make me worse on both machines than I am even when focused on one. I look forward to learning from everyone here and sharing my Jekyll/Hyde journey with everyone. I know, it's nuts, but I just couldn't resist.

Wasn't sure where to post this, so I went with levers.

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Pulled the first shots on the Cremina SL. Wow - what a different experience from a big dual boiler with a 58 mm basket. It is like manual focus compared to automatic focus lenses. No sink shots thus far, but have to dial the grind much coarser thus far. Got my first good crema this morning and still working on flow rate, pressure, etc. - my pressure gauge arrives from naked-portafilter this week which should help things.