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timo888 (original poster)

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Peacecup had urged me to try a three-pull shot a while ago, but my 3-pull shots would blonde early in the third pull. PC and I dose and tamp differently. This morning, in a hurry, I happened to dose all at once from the doser rather than my usual thwack-thwack-thwack-thwack as the beans are being ground (necessity the m-f of invention) and the first pull was more like a rapidly dripping faucet than a flow, an extended preinfusion really, since I hadn't loosened the grind any. So I pulled twice more. A very nice ristretto indeed :!:


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I just purchased a Lusso and need to order a tamper. I have seen conflicting information on the size, some say 48mm and others 45mm. This thread seems to agree on 45mm. Could anyone chime in with a definitive answer? :?: Thanks!

So far the Lusso is way nice, though I am a newbie and am doing some quess work still. This thread has been very helpful.


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timo888 (original poster)

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The inner diameter of the filter basket of the Ponte Vecchio Lusso is 45mm.


P.S. Congrats--enjoy the machine.


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Thanks, Timmo88, that is great help.

I experienced my first blow out this morning after not waiting long enough after a single shot loading in the double basket. YUCK! :roll:


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I just pulled a great three-pull shot. Probably came in between 30-45 ml. I had been grinding very finely as of late, and tamping rather lightly. My shots were pouring very slowly, often requiring a little lean on the first pull. I just departed from this by grinding a little more coarsely, but dosing right up to the fill line. The shot poured just perfectly, and I was able to get three full pulls without any blonding. The taste was exquisite. It brought me back a little towards my PV roots - when I first got the machine I tended to grind more coarsely and tamp very hard. I gradually went to the finer grind/softer tamp, but this time came back a liitle.

The moral of the story? The little 45 is even more versatile than I previously thought. With the double basket one can pull anywhere between a 30 ml "espresso syrup" ristretto to a 60 ml traditional doppio, each in its own way, the essence of espresso.

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peacecup wrote:I've never noticed any issues with the piston seals getting sticky - perhaps this is because I never activate the lever when the machine is not up to pressure (so water can lubricate the piston). I was VERY clearly told this by Joe at Good Coffee Company the first time I visited there. I grabbed the handle of his brown Sama Export demo machine and was about to test it....
That's EXACTLY what happened to me when I demo'd the unit. Joe was all over it.
Since he completely reserviced the Export before I bought it, I believed him. And still do.
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carrie kennedy

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We are trying to reassemble, anyone remember the correct order of the bevels on the three gaskets?
If we could do bevel up on the bottom two it sure would be a lot easier, and we know it matters.
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I got my machine with p-stat tuned to 1.5 bar. I had to re-tune it to 1.15. For those of you who want to do the same without too many iterations, screwing 1/2 cycle (anti clockwise) will do the work