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ManSeekingCoffee wrote:Probably a good place to snag a photo ...
Nice one, Christian, I added it to the first post.

François, I think you found the right guy! I remember a Gilda user posted the "showing off the Gilda" photo a year or two ago, at the time I thought Gaggia was the proud looking guy looking at the camera, not the bemused guy off to the side!

BTW, that is the most artistic hydraulic group I've ever seen... perhaps the face cast on it is an image of the president? ;)

Regards, Henry


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Hi All,

Here is a "Mokacream", "Famiglia" model, in perfect condition. Open boiler, spring double lever. I believe from the mid 50'S. Probably one of my favourite.



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Built-in knockbox?
Even the new Slayer machine doesn't have that!
Every time you post here i wonder how come you get all the cool stuff. Is the little knob on the back the thermostat adjustment?
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Hi Bluecold,

The little knob just serves to open the rear flap of the boiler to fill it. There's no thermostat on this machine.
Appart from its intriguing design, this machine has an "avant-garde" particularity:

The portafilter basket is endowed with smoe sort of "cream intensifier": its bottom is made of a first screen hold in place with a circlip, followed by a thin space, and eventually a secondary much smaller sieve.


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Wow! That is a crazy design.

I was just looking at patents for crema devices... the ones in English, at least, are all quite new (80's and later). Could this be one of the earliest 'crema enhancer'? It probably was one of the first 'cafe-type-espresso' machines directed at the home market... :?:

(ie back in the day home users either used moka pots for 'home-type-espresso' or lever machines for 'cafe-type-espresso')

Regards, Henry

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Henry- greetings!

The "back in the day " comment for Italy is still today..I have two friends and neighbors who just relocated from Italy in the last year.. they were amused by all my interest in espresso

The first time I ate dinner at their home, they asked if I wanted an espresso after wonderful Italian meal..I of course was bursting with anticipation........ They whisked out their Moka pot , proudly brewed me a "cup of espresso" and served it as such.. :?

They couldn't think of any body they knew in Italy that didn't use a MOKA pot at home...They thought I was crazy.... :oops:
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i was searching feamina on youtube the other day and found this guy!

i was so jealous about he got almost everything i want.


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Wow is right, quite the collection.

Looks like he's got a couple of videos of a few levers in action on his Youtube Channel page.

Congratulations, PRIMO19431, nice collection.

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Seeing all these beautiful machines makes me wonder when someone will conceive a 2012 gravity fed lever. Temperature stable and with baskets, gaskets and portafilters easily available... Perhaps with existing parts, for instance a pavoni group bolted on a water reservoir with a heating element. I wonder if it could work like this: Gravity Fed La Pavoni - Just an idea
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What a list!