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#121: Post by Bushrod »

Screw that. If I'm shopping in the 60's, I'm bringing back a container of Lambrettas.
Rich A

LMWDP #131


#122: Post by missionhb »

You mean of this kind:

Lambretta 125LD of 1957 with mystery machine...



#123: Post by YankiGirl »

Ha, ha, very nice. French LDs are VERY rare in the US. A friend had a German NSU LC. I was very jealous!

Nah, I was thinking of a container of SX200s. Much better resale value!


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missionhb wrote:You mean of this kind . . . Lambretta 125LD of 1957 with mystery machine...
François, en tant que mes enfants d'adolescent pourrait indiquer, vous sont trop frais pour l'école -- ou, peut-être, pour ce site Web.

Merci beaucoup pour la photographie.
A morning without coffee is sleep. -- Anon.

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#125: Post by danno »

missionhb wrote:You mean of this kind:
Lambretta 125LD of 1957 with mystery machine...
François, is there anything you own that is NOT cool?!

Okay, here is a small rejoinder:

Mine goes faster.


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Hi all,

A funny ad and a shot from an exhibition regarding the Gaggia Gilda (probably Achille Gaggia is one of the guys showing off here, anybody knows?)

The text says something like: "It was scientifically demonstrated that the stimulating and tonic properties of coffee have positive effects on the human organism. However, its method of preparation is detrimental to both its chemical contents and taste. GAGGIA has now resolved this problem by mechanizing the simple and antique Napoletan coffee brewer concept, thus creating the "GILDA", a small machine for family use. Thanks to the GILDA - a machine that offers in its small dimentions the same quality as the machines found in the most prestigious bars - It will now be possible to erogate the natural "Crema Caffe Gaggia" within a domestic perimeter"


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hbuchtel (original poster)

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This human organism, after receiving the stimulation of coffee prepared in a way not detrimental to its chemical contents or taste ;) resolved to move all the images in the first post from 'photobucket' to the HB server and update the post to reflect new information found in these pages, and the job is done :D

Please take a look and let me know if there is any miss-labeling or other mistakes in there!

Regards, Henry


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Great Job!
Thanks, Henry


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There's a 220V Mini Gagia with steam wand on Ebay right now. Probably a good place to snag a photo (and maybe a machine if you either have 220v or don't mind the conversion. It's also a different color (blue) and possibly a newer model. I couldn't quite figure out if the unusual switch/light is due to it being newer or probably European. ... 0286548224


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I found a picture of Achille Gaggia presenting one of his machines (hydraulic group) to the Italian president in charge at the moment:

Back to the "Gaggia Gilda" exhibition:

Would you say that Achille is the first one starting from left?