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I received the IMS Competition basket today. It is what I suspected which is the same as the small Strietman. From what I could tell the finish is different as if it was coated and shiny where as the Strietman is uncoated or media tumbled. The lips look the same visually but when you feel it with your thumb it feels like it's rolled differently. The Strietman from my experience needs to be trimmed a little to fit and sometimes it can get caught on the shower head. The Competition basket does not, it is a perfect fit with good tolerance.

I thought I would examine the holes.

Competition basket new

Strietman Basket used for 4 years

New Stock Cremina Basket limited use for testing.

Vintage Cremina Basket that came with the machine. Unknown usage

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Here is my conclusion.
The Cremina new stock basket looks identical to the IMS competition basket except for the finish and the hight being roughly 1.5mm taller for the new stock. However for whatever reason it extracts poorly. It gives a watery extraction with very little crema. It also sputters during the extraction and requires a tighter grind and a harder pull to keep it together. This might be exclusive to the 67 machine. Its possible there is something there in the stamping that sets it apart.

The B582TH22 is a nice basket. I pulled an excellent shot today so that threw me off to say it is exactly the same as the small Strietman basket.
Maybe it is but I will need some time to do some back to back shots until I can say for sure.


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Is there any concern of using a deeper basket but dosing lower? I have B582TH22 and B582TH29E. I prefer the H29E which has 439 holes so I can grind finer for the same dose.

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That is a good question that I don't have the answer because I am finding that you can't look at something or even measure it to know how it is going to perform.
I was under the impression that using a larger basket with a smaller dose might not work very well because there is an optimal head space distance to make it extract well. I used the MCAL basket which is 26mm with a 12-13g does and it was terrible.
If you are using the 29mm IMS basket with a smaller dose and more headspace that is working well then its working.

Since my last post I have been rotating back to back shots with the Strietman small basket and the B582TH22 and they are extracting different. The Strietman wants a finer grind for the same dose and it spritzes less than B58TH22 even though they measure identical.
The B582TH22 is a better fit on my 67. They are both good but the Strietman is a little better with even extractions and less mess.
Im a bit clueless as it does not follow any of my predictions but I am at least happy that I have a basket that is extracting well for me.

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Just a little update.

I have been using both the B582TH22 and the small Strietman back to back for a while now. As I mentioned there are differences in the way they extract particularly the B582TH22 where it is channeling more. I found out the reason why and that is because it has the nanocoating that the Strietman does not have. This non stick coating is reported from other applications to create odd extractions and that was what I was experiencing. However it is getting better over time and coming close to matching the Strietman. Maybe the non stick coating is wearing off. If it becomes indistinguishable from the Strietman then I plan to buy another B582TH22 to keep in my two basket rotation because they fit the machine better with less lip hang.

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Last update if anyone in the future is wondering before purchase. The B582TH22 seems to have broken in or the nano coating is not as slick as it was. I have been doing back to back shots in my daily routine with the new basket and the Strietman. They are now identical in extraction. The only difference is the IMS B582TH22 has a better fit and does not need to be modified like the 15g Strietman and it does not sometimes get hung up on the group like the Strietman basket. I have use other IMS competition and VST baskets for other machines in the past with varying results but this one is obviously better over the factory baskets.
It has beautiful random drops and then it coalesces into a tight rat tail extraction. The lever pull resistance is very even during the entire range and the taste in the cup is very good.


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Dev, thanks for the updates

I've only been using the new stock double basket for my cremina. The B582TH22 sounds intriguing. What's the sweet spot for the dose in that basket? I currently find about 14.6g for medium roast, and closer to 14.0g for dark roast in my OEM double basket works well. Would I have to decrease the dose if I went with the B582TH22?

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choroidalfusion wrote:Dev, thanks for the updates

I've only been using the new stock double basket for my cremina. The B582TH22 sounds intriguing. What's the sweet spot for the dose in that basket? I currently find about 14.6g for medium roast, and closer to 14.0g for dark roast in my OEM double basket works well. Would I have to decrease the doe if I went with the B582TH22?
So far I have tried two different beans. The outgoing batch is a dark oily roast that could only fit 13.2 grams of coffee.
The new batch is also dark but is more like a medium roasts in appearance and I bumped it up to 14 grams but I think it could fit 14.5.
I did notice that the new sock double is taller by about 1.2mm if I remember so it can hold more coffee but the basket extracts poorly on my 67 because I think I was designed for the newer Cremina head which probably has different head spacing. This is why the B582TH22 is not compatible with the newer Creminas because it is specifically mentioned as not compatible.

If you have the older 67 design try it and please post your observations. After owning a La-pavoni and other pump machines I never had this nice of an extraction that it makes me think one of the many things that make the Strietman CT great is this basket.

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While I'd like a competition basket that holds 17g for the Cremina, until I do the Elektra double is fine. I dose 15.5 medium-dark beans and have plenty of headroom. Could go to 17-18gs and still have headroom. Dosing 15.5g into the OEM double just doesn't yield the same results even though it can comfortably accommodate that dose. Maybe it is due to less head room, but even so the top of the puck is nowhere near the shower screen. I think the Elektra double, while 'old school', must have a design that is good for the Cremina.
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I trimmed the lid of my B582TH22 and B582TH29E about 1mm (total 2mm of diameter) to use them on my Cremina 1983.