IMS basket for 1st gen La Pavoni

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#1: Post by dilin »

Dear all

I would greatly appreciate some comments regarding this particular basket from IMS for my 1965 La Pavoni. Will it fit the stock portafilter? ... -3797.aspx

The outer diameter is listed at 58mm but after measuring my current basket it is about 56mm ish, but with some amount of play in the PF.

Thank you.


#2: Post by LObin »

It's a 49mm basket that fits your gen1 49mm portafilter.

In my opinion though, that's not a great basket. It's very shallow, just like the standard Pavoni double basket. Hard to dose more than 12g.

My favorite basket is the Elektra mcal that happens to cost about 1/4th of the price of the IMS. It can take 13 to 17g of coffee if needed. It's 25mm deep vs 22m for the IMS.

Here: ... -5405.aspx

Another basket worth considering is the 49mm IMS20. It's made for a modern dose (18-20) but it's ok to underdose. It's 29mm in height. ... -5399.aspx
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dilin (original poster)

#3: Post by dilin (original poster) »

Thanks for the heads up LObin.

Where I live, the IMS costs as much as the stock LP basket. So I guess I may spring for it as the current basket is rather dented around rim.

PS does the Elektra basket fits all first gen LPs? My portafilter depth measured from the outside is 25mm. The last 2mm seem to curve inwards so I am not sure if it makes it an effective height of 23mm only. According to Stefano's the portafilter depth need to be at least 25mm for the Elektra to fit. Any first gen LP owners here with Elektra baskets? Thank you.


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It only fits with a bottomless portafilter.


#5: Post by LuanD »

I bought this one (B582TH29E) for my cremina sl and it fits both bottomless an regular portafilter nicely. Depends of type of coffee but take 19 gr easily.


#6: Post by MCal2003 »

Just took deliver of IMS Pavoni Precision double baskets for pre-millenium machines for use in my '03 MCal. Bit shallower than the stock MCal double baskets. Little over $21USD. Purchased from Placed an order for couple of these baskets and IMS E61 Competition basket for use on the Flair. Total including shipping was significantly less than the various domestic AMZ sellers.
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The B58 (border dimension) =58mm on the IMS . H22, 22mm depth.
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I am waiting for when the 29mm tall 18-20g basket for us pre millennial folks arrives. It was only on Amazon a short time in January. ... B09PLJ5W5F
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dilin (original poster)

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Finally received the IMS 49mm a few days ago.

First impressions after 8 shots with the new basket, it can take a finer grind, with less channeling, up to 14.5g. Tastewise, this resulted in more mouthfeel and aftertaste. The caveat is that simply I could be paying more attention to prep and distribution upon receiving a new toy, so take it with a grain of salt. I do suspect that the holes in the IMS have a larger surface area though, leading to easier or faster flow.

Tldr version, works well for my 60s LP.


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that seems REALLY expensive