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I received this single group Lusso in August of 21 and knew that I had to make it something special.

The company that I work for affords me access to a full powder coating facility, so I started looking for colors and inspiration.

We've done a few projects with the green shown on the machine, but that particular color comes in a super gloss finish and I knew I didn't want that.
So I started researching and found a "gloss killer" for powder coat that is simply added to the powder before you spray your project.

That's where the this color, matte Luxe Green was created.

I originally planned to powder coat the frame Luxe Green and in the process of the machine tear down I decided to keep the frame black as well as paint the bezel of the pressure gauge in black.

I found this to give the machine a military feel and that's where the name was born "il capitano", The Captain.

I've always admired wood elements on espresso machines and knew that Walnut was my only choice for the shade of green chosen.

I had thoughts of powder coating the group head, but when I realized it was solid brass I decided to glass blast the group head down to the bare brass and then apply a high heat clear coat.

The brass cup rail, feet and steam and hot water handles as well as the wood portafilter and lever handles were acquired from Etsy.

After much searching I was able to find a company in Kansas City, Mo. that still does small scale electroplating for the hot water and steam wands.

I finished a complete breakdown of the machine and the main parts were off to powder coat.
I then ordered the walnut and got to work on the side panels.

After about two months I had everything back in house and was ready to reassemble.

In all of this I had a friend decide to sell his Compak K8 grinder. So I decided to give the Lusso a matching grinder! I finished a complete tear down of it and matched the main case to the Lusso while coating the doser in matte black. Not shown is a custom made doserless mod that I made as well.

I learned a lot in the process and had a blast with this project! So much so that I'm currently in the process of customizing my Decent DE1+ and Niche.

Thanks for taking a look!
Feel free to ask any questions!


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Caleb that's by far the prettiest PV Lusso I've ever seen!

I absolutely dig the color and tones you picked!

The cup rail, legs and knobs are a perfect fit. Well done!
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I've actually done something very similar with a LP Professional. Full sandblast down to the bare brass. Difference is that I didn't put any clear coat on it.

I'll have to periodically buff it if ever I don't like the patina.

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#4: Post by TomC »

Spectacular job Caleb!

The matte finish on the brass is a perfect compliment to the green and wood. What high temp varnish did you go with?
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Great work Caleb! Also, welcome to HB and what an entrance :shock:

Love the color choices--reminds me of my favorite guitar pedal :wink:
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