Identify boiler type of Mini Gaggia

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#1: Post by Gjdakin »

I have just read through this thread Getting to know the Mini Gaggia were it was stated that there is a version of the Mini Gaggia that has a brass boiler. I was wondering if anyone knows how to identify the versions of the machine that have such a boiler.



#2: Post by scontri »

You can identify aluminium boilers on Mini Gaggia's with black painted element under the lever (it's the upper part of the boiler):

In the version with brass boiler this element is chrome plated.

BTW I was unlucky enough to get my first Mini Gaggia with aluminium boiler. It was heavily corroded from the inside and had some leaks. This was the last MG version manufactured till late 80's.


#3: Post by kjarsheim »

That is so good to know, thank you. My Mini is a '73 with brass boiler but I got lucky.