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Yeah, the La Peppina has a threaded hole in the front of the group. I put a thermometer in there in the early days to see how the temp in the group was compared to the open kettle temps, it was within a degree C if I remember.

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peacecup wrote:Not surprising due to the small- diameter basket. The design is very well thought out resulting in great espresso.

Guess which one I'm m using 80% of the time?
To me the Export is the biggest kept secret in espresso world.
But 8 bar is a surprise to me.Always estimated it to be at 6-7 bar.

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I kicked the e61 to the closet for backup duty and put the Samas together
I really am liking the workflow with the Lusso :mrgreen:

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The lusso is great for those more than 1 shot times. Always at the proper brew temp
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