I'm building a manual lever machine, any thoughts

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Hi there, new to the group, I really enjoyed manual espresso machines, thru the years I have been using "professional" ones like: La pavoni, flair, ARAM, Superkop. Portable ones like Wacaco, areopress, cafflano, staresso, etc.

I have a 9barista, it's............complicated.

Every one of them is super great product, I love all of their attibutes and advatages, portable, metalish, multiple shots, many more.
If there's anything you want for a manual non electric espresso machine, what would that be?

Love to hear from you all.

Pro :D :D


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First, you should probably contact admin because this post seems business related.

Second, an idea that I'm interested in is a spring lever that has a damper to set a ceiling on flow rate, and has water capacity for a 6-8 oz drink.
With normal espresso grind it will behave exactly like any other spring lever, but with a coarser grind the damper will keep the flow rate under control and give a sprover.

Prospero (original poster)

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Thx for the kind suggestion, I'll send a message. Great thoughts there, I had some great time in VR community and I hope we can get some ideas into really interesting product