How to solve channeling when it is specific to the type of coffee?

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Hi, I've been pulling shots with my Cafelat Robot and Kinu M47 for over a year now. I also use the NDT and tamper tools from Orphan's Espresso and often get good or even excellent results. I've recently got a bag of Verve Coffee Kamuyu AA. It is a light roast and no matter how I do NDT and tamper carefully, 10s pre-infusion, there is just pretty bad channeling when I pull, with the liquid dripping from several locations of the naked portafilter. I have also adjusted grind size with no luck. The extraction time is just the usual 30s - 1 min so grind size should be in range. I feel like it is more related to the beans than other variables like my technique, grind size. Is there any hack that could help with this? Maybe a filter paper at the bottom? Or it is just meant to be brewed with filter?


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What kettle are you using to fill the portafilter? I find pointy pours like the Stagg EKG will greatly increase the chances of channeling by digging into the puck, made worse with light beans and more unimodal grinders. If you have a wider spout kettle or maybe a top paper you might be able to see if this is your case.

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Ah I haven't thought about that. Yes I do use a Stagg. I will try using the usual wide spout kettle. Thanks for the suggestion!