How to pull a short espresso with an Olympia Cremina?

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How to pull a ristretto with an Olympia Cremina?


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Pull out your cup at the desired weight

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grind finer, pull longer/slower but stop the shot short of the normal espresso weight

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I'm trying understand how my machine functions best and go from there.

Here's my Frankenstein set up and current optimal numbers. 12V PID red numbers are boiler(top) and group inlet (bottom) temperatures. Boiler pressure is ~.75 bar. Temps are not absolutes but relevant. Bottom PID only functions as group inlet thermometer. The Cremina power cord plugs into the PID 120V relay. I set the original pressurestat to about 1.1 bar but the top PID overrides it for actual operation. Pressurestat becomes part of the overpressure safety system.

Single ristretti (7g coffee/~14g liquid) definitely require removing catch cup from the stream at the right time. Doubles (13.8g coffee/~28g liquid) are a little more forgiving. Bottomless PF.