Homemade Flair Classic puck screen

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#1: Post by rv03 »


Seems to be the accessory "in the wind" these days !

I cut a cheap aeropress metal filter to the size of the Flair Classic basket. Mean usage planned for low doses (8g), but I tried today with more average dose (13g) with excellent result ! (Flair showerscreen off)


#2: Post by renatoa »

Isn't simpler to remove the silicone sealing ring of a flair shower screen and turn it into a puck screen done right on the group size ? :?


#3: Post by vit »

It is simpler to leave the silicone and prevent channeling around edges ...


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What channeling, if the basket has solid corners, and holes only in the center ? :? as can be seen in the picture...

But you are right... the silicone allows pushing the screen inside down to the puck level, so why not :)


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My version, Robot style, just better, because it seals around the edges


#6: Post by ziptie replying to vit »

Whoa, I was just wondering why doesn't anyone make a cupped puck screen to prevent biased outboard flow. Lessen the possibility of "donut flow".
When will yours be coming to market? :D


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With bottomless basket, no real danger of donut flow even if it starts around the edge; don't believe to what you see as reality is different which I needed quite a time to realize. Most water goes through the center because of concave shape of the filter, so after tamping, coffee is less dense in the center and water takes easiest path. Easily verified by checking the puck after extraction which is considerably softer in the center. So result is suboptimal, especially if you spend much effort into puck preparation - best result is achieved with heaping it in the middle before tamping, or dosing and tamping small amount first, so you get the flat bottom to dose and tamp the rest. But even this works satisfactory only with original basket, while bottomless basket is way too concave and distribution of holes is way too uneven. For this one, only solution to get a result on par with a normal machine is to cut the bottom off an replace it with flat bottom taken from ordinary basket - as I already wrote several times. Unless of course one likes to feel whole range of notes from acid to bitter, which I don't

Eventually, constructor realized that as well ...

This one won't hit the market either 8)