Help with new Flair 58

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#1: Post by blutch »

I just pulled my first two shots with the new Flair 58. The grinding and puck prep were identical to where I have these beans dialed in on my E61 machine. I use the 18gr in the basket, 36 out. Bplus puck screen on every shot and used it on the Flair as well. The shots tasted ok, but the concerning thing is my pressure gauge did not register at all. I was flying blind. The needle didn't move either time. Is it broken? The needle didn't budge. So, I need to know how to pull a decent shot without it. Any advice or videos on pulling shots without the pressure gauge?

Is there something in the assembly I'm missing? I feel quite a bit of pressure and need to use both hands to keep the pressure on during the shot, so it FEELS right, but the needle doesn't move. The gasket on the gauge piece looks fine and seems to fit. There's really only one way to put it in after pouring the water in. The pucks were a bit messier than on my E61.

Also, is there a good scale with auto tare and auto timing that fits with this beast?

Thanks for any advice you may have.


#2: Post by BruceWayne »

I got my Flair 58 a few days ago. I'd suggest contacting Flair, as my pressure gauge is working fine. The Acaia Lunar fits almost exactly in the spot, so anything of a similar size should work fine.