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#1: Post by Nathanjbrennan »

I recently saved this machine from the bin at my local general store I can't find much info online about it except I think it could be a "eureka superba" date of manufacture is stamped on the machine 1957. I am considering restoring it. Any info you could share would be helpful... thanks

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Several photos and some references at Eureka Superba


#3: Post by Sansibar99 »

Damn, that is a terrific find!

Congratulations to this gem! Make it shine again :D
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#4: Post by ezlbaak »

Hi there
Original plexiglass of a one (or two?) group machine looks like this. Sadly, the machine got scrapped some thirty years ago ("it was in the way in the basement"), only plexi survived. The remaining few letters of your plexi seem to be a similar font - I can only guess what the full text on yours was though.

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#5: Post by IamOiman »

If it's just the upper drip tray missing and a broken plexi I would say that's a pretty big score! It will definitely take some elbow grease to clean it up but it's definitely doable!
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