Help identifying lever machine - 1967 La Pavoni Europiccola?

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Hi Community, first post here so please bear with me :).

My first espresso purchase was what looked like a 1967 La Pavoni Europiccola. Looking at many of the resources online, it did look and feel like one.

However, after further inspection I have some doubts and would like to know what it is that I really have with me. Pictures attached.

Some things that make me doubt the brand/manufacturer:

1. Older La Pavonis had a logo with a screwed metal piece at the front. This machine has nothing, not even the supposed screw hole.

2. No branding that I can identify anywhere.

3. Color matches the original La Pavoni model (red), but per my research, at the time there was a single manufacturer that was building machines for other brands as well.

Any chance this might be something else, like for example a Caferina or something?

Appreciate any help :D


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I guess your Pavoni is a normal first series model.
The base is probably original but has been painted over at some point. The original logo is very thin like a sticker and will fall off if you look at it for too long :mrgreen:
Did you check Francesco Ceccarellis page already?


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here's the link directly to the europiccola sub-page
yours is a v 1.4.
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The top of the site glass doesn't have access for a manometer: very early model.


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I think the wiring should be redone. It has been done very sloppy and is only connected to one part of the heating element. It might be that the other part burned through at one point and the previous owner therefore reconnected the wires.
The base should be made out of aluminium and you could remove the paint and repaint it or just polish the metal surface.

Nachoote (original poster)

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Thanks everyone! It really helped me see what I got my hands into.

It worked great, even if the wiring was sloppy, until the cabling gave out. I'm planning on doing general maintenance and now that I know the red color is not the original one, I will most likely repaint it. We'll see about the chrome, as I kind of like having the machine "show it's age" a bit.

Currently using a pump espresso machine, but being able to pull the lever from time to time would be great :).