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La Pavoni, post mill. 15g dose, 25g out. Kinu hand grinder w/ 0.9 setting. Coffee is 5 days from roast date. Used a dist tool. Pulled 3 of these this morning with consistent results.

Would love some feedback. My shots seem to have this consistent almost foamy quality from start to finish. When I watch other videos of good shots, the espresso has this beautiful glossiness and striping going on. I also notice that it seems to go blonde super fast. And despite the very fine grind setting, I'm getting a consistent saltiness.

Thanks in advance!


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I think your flow rate is fast. I counted 15 seconds for your shot (once you started to depress the lever). If you like the taste, that is all that matters. But have you tried grinding finer and extracting for 30 seconds or longer?

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Puck is channeling around the edges. You shouldn't see "donut" extractions. The goal is to get the basket to fill in all at once. Harder than it sounds. Try a Levercraft needle type WDT tool for puck prep.

After that your goal should be to try to hit around 4bar of pressure until you see drips and then back off of the pressure a bit to let the puck saturate before then ramping up to 6-9 bar or whatever your peak pressure is.

My guess is you need to grind finer and apply more force during the pre-infusion but I don't have your machine.


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As other's have suggested, try grinding finer.

You can also apply steady pressure without rushing the lever down. Simply try to keep a consistent flow.

I'd also suggest holding the lever steady during the last part of preinfusion until you get a full saturation underneath the basket.

As cyclezib said, what matters ultimately is how it tastes to you. The following shots can look better but taste worse.

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PIXIllate wrote:Puck is channeling around the edges. You shouldn't see "donut" extractions.
+1 on that.
I did notice you had to lift the lever quite a bit before i could hear the water flowing to the puck. I would suggest before locking the portafilter to lift the lever until you hear water starting to flow, lower it a tiny bit and then locking in (less chance of lifting the puck while raising the lever).
How much headspace do you have? To little will also cause donut extractions (but wouldn't account for the fast flowrate)
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gestalted2 (original poster)

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Thanks for the replies and advice. Based on the feedback, I changed the grind setting on my Kinu hand grinder from 0.9 to 0.8 and allowed more time for pre infusion so that the entire bottom of the basket was dripping, then started pulling VERY slow and gentle. This made a big difference. I finally got some viscous weight to my shot. And nice sweetness. Very nice. Regarding the donut shape during pre infusion. That still happened at first, then I just waited longer for the rest of the coffee to seep through across the bottom of the basket. But the donut still happened at first. I am so meticulous with my packing steps. Not sure what else to do about that.


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That's great!

What circumference is your tamper?

Make sure that your shower screen is clean and free of coffee oils to get optimal water dispersion. A puck screen is quite helpful for this.
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