Have you seen this? Manument Francesca

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#1: Post by NelisB » Jun 08, 2019, 5:42 pm

New spring lever from Switzerland.
Would like to get more info on this machine. It was on the WOC in Berlin.

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#2: Post by another_jim » Jun 08, 2019, 7:24 pm

How very leading edge! It would pair nicely with a Monolith.
Jim Schulman

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#3: Post by arcus » Jun 08, 2019, 7:35 pm

Yes, it's pretty sweet. Apparently, they haven't announced pricing yet but it will be in the KvdW range I would think.


#4: Post by OldNuc » Jun 08, 2019, 7:35 pm

I bet it costs more though. Bling is incredibly expensive.

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#5: Post by Terranova » replying to OldNuc » Jun 08, 2019, 9:24 pm

I wouldn't call a powder coating "Bling".
The thing which makes the machine very expensive, is the fact that it is designed and made in Switzerland.
The machine is pretty cool, I filmed Francesca when she was explaining it.


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#6: Post by another_jim » Jun 08, 2019, 11:31 pm

So the water is heated on the fly, by a thermoblock?
Jim Schulman


#7: Post by mikel » Jun 09, 2019, 1:00 am

Very cool.
And it will fit nicely on the kitchen island of my future apartment when my wife kicks me out for buying it.

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#8: Post by TenLayers » Jun 09, 2019, 1:12 am

So true, mikel!


#9: Post by renatoa » Jun 09, 2019, 9:42 am

I rather see an open boiler there... :?


#10: Post by maxbmello » Jun 09, 2019, 10:32 am

Looks like a water reservoir, not a boiler. Very cutting edge design, looks pretty cool, but maybe not so practical in most home kitchens.

My guess is $10k USD when all is said and done.

Excited to learn more about this machine though!