Have Cafelat Robot, want Streitman CT2

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From my understanding the Streitman would eliminate the need to heat the water and portafilter form my Robot workflow.

Any other benefits, other than its subjective beauty and objective quality?

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Besides its beauty, the Ct2 will make better coffee than $10000 pump machines.

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Yes but not better than the Robot right, except for the convenience?

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If you enjoy light roasts there's a significant difference, ime.

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I've been browsing it. Lots of good info in there.

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CT2 is not even comparable to the robot, they are completely different classes of machine. CT2 is better in the cup and workflow. If you're worried about a pressure gauge just add Gabor's. I have both, and it's really not close IMO.
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I've got a VW and want a Porsche :-)

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What attracts me to the CT2, as a Robot user, is the tunable PID + conventional baskets. I've never really warmed to the deep Robot basket. I find it annoying to clean, in particular. It's a minor irritant and yet not untrivial. Hard to explain.

Helpfully, the CT2 isn't aesthetically perfect to my eyes, which helps me justify not spending the $3k on it. Just like how the Micra's lack of preinfusion or flow control is keeping me on the sidelines with my Profitec Go.

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#10: Post by erik82 »

The Strietman will blow the Robot away. It performs in the LM GS3 MP class for a fraction of the money. It heats quick, has the thermal staility of a saturated group, can be left on all day (if you give it some water every 1.5 hours), can pull great shots with ease and is a breeze to maintain.

It's cured my upgrade-itis for years now as I don't have Synesso ES.1 or KvdW Speedster money which would be needed for it to be an upgrade. And with all the new fancy baskets being available in 49mm it performs even better. So instead I bought a second grinder to enjoy it even more.