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issue with the comments on ssp cv2 (or pretty much all 64mm) is that there isnt proper detail of setup, theres also a lot of 64mm grinder with different design too.

if talking about fines alone (that helps gives puck resistance).;
1. vertical blade will generally have less fines than horizontal. grounds spends less time in chamber, less regrinding.
2. filter grinds will have less clogs and less fines buildup in chamber, and less retention.
3. rdt will change grinds result.
4. declumper will affect how fast beans exit chamber, less regrinding.
5. different burr design have different fines amount, grind speed, and tendency for clogging.
6. different rpm produce different amount of fines..

..and so on.. hence lots of different answer.
we havnt even touch about machinr, basket, brew pressure (6 bar? 9?, custom profiling), ratio (1:3, 1:4?), method (spro, londinium, blooming, manual lever, etc)...

what we do confirm is people do manage to pull a shot (with some combinations) and enjoy their cup, and generally agrees that cv2 are generally easier to get delicious cup even when messed up.

my advise from having tried both cv2 and mp in my df64 is to be prepared to revisit your brew method and prep technique, these burrs can be difficult, but do rewards effort.

on the lever question, i do find cv2 flow to speed up quickly near end of shot. i have a gut feeling lever can do a much better control and give better flavor than flat pressure. good luck.


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Any burrs that are of a more modern design of the higher end scale or older bulk will have a much narrower point where these deliver great results within a certain profile and these are more unforgiving for end user mistakes and for roast defects.

The advantage of Conical and to lesser extent larger traditional espresso flats, where the relatively large sweetspot where you could get acceptable espresso (your never going to let me say these where great, as I frankly don't like what these do to the coffee) and on top you could get away with sloppy prep.

With modern day burrs you really need to be far more precise in dialling in, that said levers nature dos mean you increase the chances of success then say a flat 6-9bar profile.